В году музыканты подписывают контракт со звукозаписывающей компанией, входящей в состав Warner Music Group. Продюсером альбома стал Клаус Шульце. Middle Of The Riddle. Big In Japan First Harvest Apollo, followed by Dance With Me at 9:

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Welcome to Alphaville Moonbase

We were so proud of it we presented it at the very next concert, probably that same month, a bit premature in a way. But we felt so exhilarated by it that we would have even played it in the middle of summer. Funilly enough none of us ever thought of releasing it alhacail the following years.

It was alhavwil the unknowingly wait for the perfect moment. We hope you enjoy the song. It came a long way. And it comes straight from our hearts and maybe from those of our alien friends who cruised above our heads that fateful night back in Peace, love and light, follow your star and a Happy Christmas to everybody!


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Album Strange Attractor CD: We had rented a house situated somewhere between the dunes where we could make all the noise alhavai wanted since the island is completely deserted during this time of the year. Outside, the nights were icy cold, stormy, clear and star-studded. The edge of the Milky Way shone brightly above our heads, and somehow also into them.

It happened during that time: The album production was forgotten. We were chasing after this one blissful inspiration that had touched us for an instant of a moment. Marian Gold and Alphaville. Unfortunately alhavali show in Talling on Saturday, December 8th, had to be cancelled. Please contact the organiser for details regarding ticketing.

Sorry for the inconveniences, Due to the anniversary of the Scandinavian Fanforum they invited Bernhard Lloyd for a chat.

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