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Wheelman Game Let us not forget. Wheelman was a game and this site is being restored to commemorate it. Where are the video game nerds? We are here, but this time there is no playing around.

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Wheelman is starred by Vin Diesel Milo Burik in wheelmanwho is also a popular actor of the Fast and the Furious movie sequels and just like it the missions of Fast and Furious movies are driving-oriented so was the gameplay of this video game. The game was modeled in Barcelona and has a unique plot whereby Milo is an undercover agent who works with a gang who plans a major heist in Barcelona and Milo has to stop the heist from happening.

More information about the game can be found here. This is a game of men. No hide and seek. Bet I can too be wheelmwn230800 good player.

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Below are some posts about gaming that I have recently published and you can access them by clicking through various categories. That moment what a certain game meant so much to you, that your wheelma230800 wanted a divorce… Ahhhhh good times. I have always been a gamer ever since I can remember. Perhaps this stems from the fact that I was a loner most of my childhood, and I could never get anyone to be whee,man230800 friend, I found out later in life that I suffered with social anxiety weelman230800.


I found solace in playing video games and with time, I got excellent, and I would beat anyone that I played against.

I would complete levels n record time and the older I got, the better I got at any game that was presented in front of me.

By the time I got to middle school, I knew the direction that my life was taking, and that would be developing games. As time passed by and the better I got at playing games, I made a couple of friends that got to encourage really me to take gaming seriously and maybe someday I would make my own game. I remember once getting a wedge from a wheelmman230800 that I had beaten at the game arcade.

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It was not a bad experience but imagine meeting the girl you have been crushing on your whole wgeelman230800 while trying to undo the wedge that I had gotten. High school was no different for me wheelan230800 at least I got a friend in one of the teachers. She would play video games with me in the computer room, and I got even better. She encouraged me to take on the world, and I loved her for it.

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So, when she finally succumbed to it, that was one of the most devastating days wheelnan230800 my life. After high school, I started working on my first game, and as soon as I was through with college, it paid off. Wheelman was the name of the game, and it is an incredible game if you ask me. I developed it because of the fact that this is the genre of games that the teacher in high school liked playing. I ventured into mobile game development because I there are a lot of people out there that do not have the time as I did to play games every time so mobile phones can be that link.


Anyone has one these days and by developing a game that can be played on this platform, it also made my teachers dream come true of someday changing the world for the better.

I never told you that in high school, I became huge because I would sit around all day playing video games and that teacher encouraged me to start exercising. I would get out in the evening and take a jog, and that is how my reducing fat regimen started. In a way, she also changed my life as I was becoming overweight and it was taking a toll on me. She also showed me a diet that I could try and in no time I was in the best shape that I had ever been in. I think I have gotten to live most of my dreams as well as help out other people thanks to this game I developed, Wheelman.